Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Post

I've decided, simply, that having a blog will help aid some formal arrangement of my thoughts, visual interests, and various things that happen to be floating around my brain. Maybe some cohesion and clarity will transpire from doing this log of my preoccupations... we'll see.

Welcome to what I'm calling Traces From Nowhere 

I leave the first post with a segment from Everett Ruess's poem, "Pledge to the Wind". A young wandering poet and artist, He vanished into the canyons of Utah and allegedly, "left behind a final signature carved into a rock: "Nemo" or "no one"1

   Onward from vast uncharted spaces,
   Forward through timeless voids,
   Into all of us surges and races
   The measureless might of the wind. [...]

Alexander Bush

1. Solnit, Rebbeca. "A Field Guide to Getting Lost"

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